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FERNBACH Financial Software S.A. successfully took part in the European Commission’s flagship EU Gateway business ... Continuez à lire

White Label Lending

With its White Label Lending solution, FERNBACH provides an end-to-end lending system that is particularly suitable ... Continuez à lire
FERNBACH is continuing to expand its customer base in Africa and has assisted another large bank in fulfilling the ... Continuez à lire
FERNBACH deepens its stronghold on the sub-Saharan African market with the addition of a new customer in West Africa.  Continuez à lire
FERNBACH has expanded its customer base in Eastern Europe by acquiring the second largest bank in Romania...  Continuez à lire
Il convient donc d'adopter de nouvelles méthodes et processus pour la détermination des provisions pour risques ... Continuez à lire
On Monday, 15 February 2016, FERNBACH Luxembourg moved its headquarters from Munsbach to Grevenmacher. The new ... Continuez à lire
In Central Africa, one of ten subsidiaries of a banking conglomerate has kicked off its uptake of IFRS via an ... Continuez à lire